The Microsoft Volume 2 since 30 October is
available for $ 249.99 in the US and will be found either there or in a little
more than two weeks via Great Britain also the way to us. All important
information (availability, prices, specs, etc.) we have at this point already
compiled for you.
Some time ago, Microsoft has announced that
it wants to create an opportunity for developers to create so-called Web Tiles for the band 2, which certain information can pose displayed on the tape 2 from
the Web. Microsoft said the following about this:
“Developers need to write the code for
Web Tiles only once, to support multiple mobile platforms (iOS, Android and
Windows), because the Microsoft HealthVault app takes care of the rest of the
work. Install Web Tiles on the tape, grant access to web resources for their
contents, extract and format the content and then deliver this content to the
Web-Tile on the Microsoft Ribbon. “
Microsoft Volume 2 Web Tiles, Multiple Mobile Platforms
So far, the whole thing was only available as
a beta. Recently, also in the final version. And compared to previous versions,
Microsoft has performance and stability, according to own data, further
improved. Microsoft writes the following about this:

Create simple conditions that trigger the
sending of notifications on the web Tiles

You can now Web Tiles, by sending
notifications to the Microsoft tape, make informative for your users, as long
as the web data meets the specified conditions. You want, for example, a
weather-Tile, which warns you at a high probability of rain? You can now

Extract data from a Web service that requires
basic HTTP authentication

Up to now, it was so that Web Tiles could
represent only publicly available content. With the new update support Web
Tiles authenticated sources and make it so that content secure (s) and person
(s) represent.

Available for both generations

The Web Tiles must be written only once and
are available for both generations of Microsoft’s ribbon.


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