Microsoft has released several "Control Interface
Pattern" for adobe Photoshop, which will show how the UWP app platform in
Photoshop looks and scaled to different form factors. User can download and try it
out this interface to their existing Photoshop versions. Previously, the templates
were only available for Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft PowerPoint. The new UWP
(Universal Windows Platform) try controls themselves and of course giving
UWP app templates

The app templates contain UWP elements, advance
controls interface such as fonts, patterns theme colors, and type styles in
Photoshop. These controls could give users the ability to conceptualize their
ideas better as a blueprint. Users can simply copy elements from the templates
into their own existing Photoshop files. There’s also a template made up of multi-screen
sizes that enable for creating mockups to show the user how his app will scale
on different screen resolution from 4-inch phones to 27-inch desktops. The
templates also help the user to quickly create polished apps and visualize what
the UI of the app will look like when the app is finished.


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