Microsoft announced some new features in
Windows 10 Threshold 2 for business. The Windows Update for Business will allow
companies to have more control over the update distribution process in their
environments. With that administrators can specify which devices / PCs first
receive the updates, specify schedules for the deployment of updates and
distribute the updates using peer to peer technology.
Windows 10 Threshold 2 First Major Update for Business

It will also have integration with existing
tools like System Center and Enterprise Mobility Suite.
The Windows Store for Business will offer IT
departments a place where they can find, acquire, manage and distribute apps
for devices with Windows 10. This includes both normal apps from Windows Store
as specific apps for enterprise environments.
Companies can choose their preferred method
of distribution: direct assignment of apps, publication through a private
version of the Apps store or via connection to other management solutions. With
support for mobile device management, IT departments can manage a wide range of
Windows devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Now the Azure Active Directory Join, you can
maintain a single directory so that employees have a single login and access
their data securely across different devices with Windows 10. The Azure Active
Directory Join also allows administrators to leave any PC with Windows 10 ready
for enterprise environments with few clicks.


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