With the new app “AppComparison”
from Microsoft that was launched 20th November in the Google Play Store,
Microsoft wants to show Android users the opposite. The app shows the apps that
are currently installed on your Android smartphone, whether or not in the
Windows Store are available or what the alternatives are, if the official version
is not available. In the past, there were already some apps that should help
when changing from Android. With the latest trial Microsoft aimed directly
against the “fear” that most apps for Windows Phone might not be
Microsoft Released AppComparison

The app problem is of course known and it
still lacks a lot of apps in the Windows Store, but the situation is improving
– Microsoft wants to show potential Windows Phone buyers that are available for
Windows Phone perhaps more apps that you want to use, than previously thought.
After the first start two or more categories
can be selected, which found most are interesting. After a brief search, the
apps are then already shown that even officially for Windows Phone there or
possible alternatives. As a replacement for Google Drive for example OneDrive
appears. Under “Other” other Apps are displayed, the user might find
interesting. The good thing about the app is also that you can see screenshots
of the apps and the price in a small preview.

How much the App ultimately really brings or
how many users are moved to switch is of course another question – especially
when installed on many Android Apps few apps available for Windows Phone are


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