Microsoft has released
this week the second update to Azure Preview Stack, hybrid cloud Platform
Company. You can go here to download the bits.
A preview version was
released in early January and the first update was released in early February.
Microsoft Release Updates to The Azure Stack Preview

Born Azure, the Azure
Stack helps organizations deliver services Azure from its own data center.
With Microsoft Azure
Stack, Microsoft brings proven innovation - including IaaS and PaaS higher
level of services - from local data centers and large-scale environments in
enterprise scale to meet customers' business needs.
Why a consistent hybrid
cloud platform really matter? Because it provides customers access to Azure
ecosystem, empowering IT developers and organizations to do more:
Application developers
can maximize their productivity by adopting an approach "write the code
once, deploy anywhere you want" (either Azure or Azure Stack). Using the
APIs that are identical for Microsoft Azure, they can create applications based
on open source , or .NET technology and run easily locally or public cloud.
They can also take advantage of the rich ecosystem Azure to leverage their
development efforts for Microsoft Azure Stack.
IT professionals can
transform data center features on - site services Azure IaaS / PaaS maintaining
existing standards and using the same management and automation tools that
Microsoft uses to operate Azure. This approach to the cloud allows IT
professionals are able to offer services to business quickly, while continuing
to manage the needs of corporate governance.
Organizations can adopt
hybrid cloud computing, helping them to deal with business and technical
considerations such as regulation, sovereignty data, customization and latency.
Microsoft Azure Stack enables companies are free to decide which applications
and workloads should reside without being limited by technology.
News Brought The Second
Update To Azure Stack Preview
According to
Microsoft's announcement published here , this second update to Azure Preview
Stack introduces new features such as:
- Reduction in time for
deployment of virtual machines. 
- Improved performance
for actions related to virtual machines (start, stop, remove). 
- Improvements in
stability and reliability of the portal. 
- Updated extensions
for Desired Configuration State and Docker.

Important: You cannot
directly update the Azure Stack Preview. You will need to redeploy this
environment using the updated version to take advantage of the improvements
made ​​by it.


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