Today Tuesday 10th November, Microsoft Patch redistributed
updates for Windows and other Microsoft products. These updates Microsoft
closes once a month all known vulnerabilities in its products Office, Edge etc.
Microsoft closes twelve holes, four of them are classified by Microsoft as
critical. The gaps relate inter alia to the new Browser Microsoft Edge,
Internet Explorer - and all versions of Windows. An overview of the bugs fixed
vulnerabilities, please refer to the following table. Throughout the day,
Microsoft will also publish more details about the individual vulnerabilities.
Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Until now, it was suspected that Microsoft
uses to patch day to the extensive November update for Windows 10 to publish.
Overnight, Microsoft has released the update in question Slow ring - so that it
is still subject to the testers, but should already be running largely flawless.
Whether Microsoft will publish a short test phase already for all users of
Windows 10, is still unknown.

Microsoft distributes updates as usual via
automatic update feature in Windows. But you can start the update for Windows
7, 8 and 8.1 manually, the update for Windows 10. Alternatively download via
Windows Update you can download the updates from Wednesday, 11 November.


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