The market research
firm JD Power conducted a satisfaction survey for tablets. The result falls
quite positive for Microsoft fans.
With 829 points, the Microsoft
ranks just one point behind Apple. If one considers the supremacy enjoys the
iPad, which is a very good value. Other Tech giants as Samsung or Amazon let
Microsoft clearly behind them.
Microsoft One Step Behind Apple in Tablets Market, JD Power Survey

The survey was focused
on 5 different points: Performance, User Friendly, Features, Styling &
Design, and Overall Satisfaction.

Microsoft may
especially gain high score in Styling & Design, Apple contrast in
performance. Ironically, when you consider that Apple has been long regarded as
a design vanguard.

The Surface series has
certainly established itself and has initiated the hybrid trend. I’m sure that
Microsoft significant growth by former iPad and Android Tablet users will get
over the next tablet generations.


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