Microsoft announced that they will put all
the main components of the JavaScript engine powering Microsoft Edge open-source
the core components of Chakra as ChakraCore. In January 2016, the package
"ChakraCore" should stand ready to GitHub.
JavaScript Engine ChakraCore is Open Source
However chakra comes not only in Edge for use
and is even older than the new Microsoft browser. The engine has been developed
since 2008 and not only works in Edge, but also drives Universal Apps, and various other Microsoft services. It is located in Redmond
convinced that Chakra is the best performing Javascript engine and performs
comparisons in the field where you have left with the Edge competition behind.
Chakra offers best-in-class JavaScript
execution with the broadest set of ES2015 feature coverage and dependable
performance, reliability, and scalability. We expect ChakraCore to be used
wherever these factors are important, ranging from cloud-based services to the
of Things and beyond. With the help of the open source community
Chakra should therefore be even better in the future and also find its way into
solutions that do not come from Microsoft itself.


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