Windows Central has reportedly obtained the
rendered image and specification information of newly “Lumia 650”. Windows
Central This time, create a rendered image of the Lumia 650 on the basis of
inside information that has flowed from the US Microsoft, has released.
Microsoft Brings Lumia 650 Metal Housing Adopt
As long as you see the image, and also the
overall design while followed the “Lumia 640” series, you remember
“came the quick guide to the top hotels,” such impression in the
Lumia 950” series to adopt a metal material made of the side frame.
In the past “Snapdragon 410” or
Snapdragon 210” but had also been pointed out the possibility to be
mounted, Snapdragon 212 In this information, the latest low-end class SoC,
which was announced in August this year, It is a prospect that is mounted.

Note According to the Windows Central, Lumia
650 as a low-cost terminal for the enterprise, is the expected to be announced
in the “MWC 2015” to be held in late February 2016.
In addition, although as Microsoft’s
unpublished terminal is also known presence of “Lumia 850” and
Lumia 750“, it has been similarly pointed out the possibility that
appeared in early 2016, It may also would be announced together with
the Lumia 650.


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