The language
assistant Cortana comes out of the iOS operating system, this is not news,
Microsoft, has announced the software before eternal time. Now get to see the
first steps of the intelligent assistant users. Cortana for iOS will be closely
linked to the Windows desktop, you should therefore have a Windows PC, and this
is an appropriate way to get more out of Cortana. However, Cortana can of
course not all, system or conditional comfortable "Hey Cortana" falls
Microsoft Accepts iOS Signups for Cortana

"Your life is
not limited to one device, and neither is your digital assistant. Cortana is
with you on your Windows 10 PC, tablet, and phone—helping you whenever and
wherever you need it. But we also know that there's a choice of mobile devices
out there, so we want help from our Windows Insiders to make sure she's a great
personal assistant on iOS too."
The first
beta version is available for users in the US and China, but the access are
limited. Whether the beta version will be made ​​available in Germany, Austria
or Switzerland was Microsoft not communicated.
Apple really
works with Google and Microsoft to allow complete integration of Cortana if
desired.  When phone is setup the setup
should involve Use Siri, or Use Cortana or Use Ok Google.  I hope apple at least allows the home button
hold action to trigger Cortana rather than Siri if that's what setup is.


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