leaves no market untouched. The e-commerce giant is now developing games,
produces films, has several services, such as Prime Instant Video and brings
quite some time and hardware on the market, such as the Fire TV and Echo. Even
smart phones and tablets that Amazon provides ago. Now the company wants to
offer even textiles - "Merch by Amazon" will still prove to be a
smart move.

Merch by Amazon
Merch by
Amazon revolutionized no market, actually it works in principle the same as in
other services with the same functions: The user posted his originals, these
and Amazon takes care of the printing and dispatch published.
The blog
TechCrunch reported that the production cost is eight dollars, on top of that
comes a bonus of 15% for the listing at Amazon, plus shipping costs. The
special thing here is that Amazon will list these products directly to the
shop. The user must therefore start not have its own shop.

Amazon has
already picked out a target group for this system. Apps- and game developers to
use the service, because the products can use Amazon Mobile The display within
the application. Fans of the App or the game can thus legally strike Simple.


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