Around 150 euros Apple has the popular glass
trackpad as a desktop version. Sprayed it pure magic or it is monkey
business? A laptop is working with trackpad completely normal. It is one
of them and you get used to fast on the convenient operation via fingertip. Ever
since the first smart phones this kind of input anyway seems to be the natural
way to enter data and to navigate through digital content. The exception
is the computer - here the mouse performs unswervingly their work and no one
wonders why. Apple already offered to the first Magic Trackpad an
alternative, now the successor has been released. The Magic Trackpad 2 is
nearly 30 percent larger supports Force Touch and costs 150 euros. Whether it
worked, you will learn in this practice test.
Magic Trackpad 2 Force Touch

Hardware Cofiguration

The new Magic trackpad 2 is considerably
larger than its predecessor. Nearly 30 per cent more space make themselves felt
in practice - because the fingers do not slip from the edge and there is plenty
of room to comfortably carry all gestures. The hardware measures 16x11,49
centimeters, is tapered and is therefore 0.49 to 1.09 centimeters high. 
weight is 231 grams heavy enough so the trackpad does not slip. By eliminating
the battery tube trackpad 2 acts more noble than its predecessor and is flat on
the table. For energy here provides a built-in and non-replaceable battery that
can be loaded via the built-in Lightning connector on the front and within
minutes stores enough juice for a full working day. Depending on usage - When
fully charged, the battery for several weeks is sufficient. If cables do not
interfere with, the operation - unlike the Magic Mouse 2 - possible in the
permanently connected state.

Operation and Force Touch

The establishment of the Magic Trackpad 2 is
easy. At the beginning it is sufficient to connect the supplied cable Lightning
and the Mac automatically couples the hardware. The operation is just like a
MacBook and Apple in particular, the haptic feedback has solved very well.
Clicking acknowledged the device with a short back-pressure, dissolving Force
Touch from, followed by a further impulse. 
The trackpad feels quality at which
fingers glide smoothly over the glass and the gestures, the system recognizes
correctly. Nevertheless, the many possibilities that actually provide the
trackpad, want not quite arrive in everyday life. Even after a week were
gestures such as "Reduce your thumb and three fingers" to start the
launchpad is not an everyday occurrence.
Other gestures such as horizontal scrolling
with two fingers were, however, quickly internalized. The Magic Trackpad is not
suitable for all programs. Hours of editing images, or the cutting of a video
were compared to mouse operation more complicated, the moving content across
the entire screen a matter of practice. For beginners, the trackpad 2 is
therefore primarily for surfing the Internet and for quiet relaxed as
navigating through the system - for more complex work takes a lot of practice
and patience.
Force Touch turns out to be pipe dream. Of
course, the detection of the pressure exerted by the user pulls prima pressure
as a selling point, everyday device function within minutes into oblivion. The
only gesture that can be triggered by pressure-click by default, is
"lookup and data recognition" - that is the highlight of a word and
the invocation of a corresponding dictionary page with links to Wikipedia and
the App Store. This is however only in programs that support Force Touch. Who
sets example on Firefox rather than Safari, even does not benefit from Force
Touch. On the homepage Apple would therefore not be able to formulate
appropriate - makes the main part but away. The manufacturer writes: "Use
Force Touch, Or multi touch, Or both. "What is missing is the addition
of" or leaves it ".

Major Pros & Cons

As mentioned in the paragraph on the
operation, shines the Magic Trackpad 2 in many task areas by simplicity and
convenience. However, where you move a lot of content from A to B, or has other
games as "Hearthstone" on the Mac, the air is thin. For surfing the
Internet, the Magic Trackpad 2 is ideally suited for the control of the system
also. Between left and right-handed people, the input device does not differ -
both hands are equally suitable for the operation.
The biggest disadvantage of having users sort
their folders, cut videos or edit photos - because at some point the constant
pulling of the finger makes on the glass in the joints noticeable. While
multi-touch helps immensely, but without some practice, one first tries to
solve everything with one finger. Here Apple has forgotten an important
function for the Force Touch would like done: Why the mouse keeps files and
folders safe not easy when the marking by clicking Force Touch is triggered? A
new Force-touch click to let go and see there - you could actually solve many
tasks with a finger, without having to constantly halfway cancels the search.


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