LG stop with immediate effect the sale of new
SmartWatch LG Watch Urbane 2. The gadget has only been a few days in America
available and would have come in short to Europe. However, a serious error the
manufacturer is now noticed. The problem is so big that the complete series
will be destroyed. In addition, the already delivered watches are being
recalled. The entire batch of LG Watch Urbane 2 are for the dustbin. Too bad,
because the wearable - has very good belongs - at least of the specifications
LG Watch Urbane 2

The Wearable was presented in early November.
The Urbane 2 comes with Android Wear and can work for the first time completely
independent. This is evidenced by the mobile connectivity - including LTE -
enabled. However, now everything is different. With immediate effect, the sale
of LG gadget is stopped. Reason was a big hardware problem which would affect
the everyday operation. Because of competition and fairness to suppliers
compared to the exact problem is not described. But it is clear that a brand
new component is to blame.

During the sale should only start in this
country in the near future, the LG Watch Urbane in the US was 2 already
available. Also in the mobile operator AT & T, the clock could be ordered.
Partial first models have already been delivered. AT & T recommends that
customers now to return the wearable again. A replacement does not exist.
Customers receive only one credit. LG currently not commented on when the sale
is expected to start up again. It would not be unreasonable if the Watch Urbane
2 would never come to market. Because currently is of a very serious problem
spoken. Interested parties must in any case practice in the near future in
patience and possibly wait for the successor series.


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