Lenovo and Google have a year working for the Project Tango-technology small enough to be integrated into a smartphone. This has led
to a smartphone that will appear globally in the summer of 2016. The design of
the unit is not exactly fixed, but Lenovo says that this at least get a screen
diagonal of less than 6.5 inch.
Lenovo Project Tango

Lenovo revealed at the announcement at CES or images of
prototypes that have a vertically positioned camera module. That module
consists of a regular camera, a fish eye camera and depth sensors. This
combination, the device can provide sufficient data to obtain a
three-dimensional impression of the environment and to create a virtual
representation of areas.
Google has developed itself already a tablet with the
technology. During a demonstration of this device for example Google showed how
the camera image a point on the ceiling and was put on the floor, then was was
automatically drawn a line and given the distance. Google also showed how was
given to the surface of a carpet after the set of points at the corners.
The mapping of areas simply by smartphone or tablet to focus
on it, it could be useful for example in the construction, but also in the
organization of spaces using augmented reality. Google demonstrated an app that
allows users virtual banks and refrigerators were put into the chamber, where
the bank was automatically displayed in the proper perspective and in places
could be where, for example was already a table. Another application is in the
area of ​​gaming. The company showed virtual pets that ran across the floor and
the game Jenga on a virtual table.
Google and Lenovo at the same time announced the App
Incubator program for Tango. Developers have until February to make their ideas
known. The developers with the best ideas get the opportunity to work out their
app with the help of the two companies, and that can be delivered to the smartphone
as soon as he appears.


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