Jailbreak developer hacks NFC on iPhone 6s

Jailbreak developer Elias Limneos has managed to have the iPhone 6s, which is equipped with an NFC chip, communicate with other NFC devices. So far, Apple has deactivated this actually self-evident function.

Elias Limneos has tested its NFC hack with corresponding NFC-enabled tags and see there - the iPhone 6s can communicate with other devices after its jailbreak.

In a short video, the well-known developer shows an iPhone 6s that interacts with an NFC-enabled tag. The phone responds promptly to the presence of the tag with a notification that identifies the tag.

Limneos said that he wants to dig even deeper in the NFC protocol in order to be able to use read / write functions. Currently it is only possible to use tags for authentication.

Android users have been able to take advantage of the NFC technology with their smartphone for many years. This makes it possible, for example, to create wireless connections comfortably, to communicate with NFC-enabled cameras, or to transfer data between users. Apple had installed NFC first on iPhone 6 for Apple Pay, but there is so far no indication that the full communication capability is released and developers can use it.

Limneos plans to release his work as an NFC Enabler Tweak. It is to be offered in the future via the alternative App-Store Cydia. When this will be, however, the developer did not reveal.


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