Some Apple users notice after updating to iOS
9.x that the touchscreens of their smartphones and tablets not react like iOS
8. In the support forums, there are numerous entries about the issues. The
descriptions extend from no longer operable screens especially immediately
after the unlock to pseudo reactions of the screen, although this has not been
 iOS 9 Touch Screen Unresponsive

Most problems disappear after a few seconds
or minutes. Regularly they do not occur, according to the descriptions, which
is why it was hard for the owners of iPhones and iPads to show these errors
when you visit an Apple Store.
With iOS 9.1, the situation will not have
improved, although it is almost certainly to be a software problem.

Apple has a support document describes what a
user can do to minimize problems: Wash hands and dry, clean the screens and
remove any protective film. If none of this brings remedy, the customer should
contact the Service.



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