iPhone X: Green Line Display Errors are Increasing

One day after the launch, the first case appeared, and now more and more owners of an iPhone X are in support forums and social networks. On the OLED display of the anniversary iPhone appears after a short time a permanent green vertical stripe. Apple expresses itself so far not to the error.

The anticipation of the new iPhone X is great for many, you had to wait longer for the launch, as in the last iPhone generations. And for the vast majority of new owners there are no problems after unpacking. But more and more users report a display error on their iPhone X. Suddenly and without warning, a vertical green stripe appears.

Most of them are on the right side of the display, but some are left or center. After a short search in support forums and the social networks can be discovered already several dozen devices with the error.

Apple said so far not to the problem, the devices but the reports of many affected after, without any ifs and but directly from. If you also see a green stripe on your display, you should immediately contact Apple Support.

With several million sold iPhone X cannot be spoken by any "Green Line Gate". With so many devices, there may be a few defects. However, the problem appears much more frequently than, for example, the bursting battery on the iPhone 8. Hopefully, this is not a general problem with Samsung's OLED displays manufactured for Apple.



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