iPhone X with 6-Core CPU and New Status Bar - iOS 10 with 89 Percent Market Share

The countdown is running. Tomorrow, Tuesday, Apple will reveal the mystery surrounding the new iPhone models and probably confirm numerous rumors that have stirred in recent days. Especially since the iOS 11 Gold Master has entered the Internet, the density of iPhone X and iOS 11 rumors increased. Now there are more insights.

iPhone X with 6-Core CPU and New Status Bar

With the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple is setting up an A10 Fusion chip with a total of four cores. The iPhone X will probably use the A11 chip. According to iOS 11 GM, this will have a total of six cores. Four nuclei are called Mistral and two nuclei are called Monsoon.

The fact that the status bar will change in the upper part of the iPhone X should have been around. The display recess in the upper area makes this mandatory, so that the iPhone X will have a two-part status bar.

To the left of the recess you find the time, on the right the mobile radio and Wifi signal strength, the battery indicator and an activity indicator. Depending on whether you are conducting calls or activated screen recording, the time will turn red or green. With the iPhone 7 and under iOS 10, Apple in such a case is based on an additional (colored) status bar.

iOS 10 with a Market Share of 89 Percent

Just before the presentation of the new iPhone models and a few days before Apple releases the final version of iOS 11, we are still looking at the distribution of the current iOS versions. We did this in early August. At that time iOS 10 was installed on 87 percent of all iOS devices.

Meanwhile, about six weeks past and the Apple Dev Center shows that iOS 10 runs on 89 percent of all devices. iOS 9 is installed on 9 percent of devices, and older iOS versions are responsible for 2 percent.

Comparing this to iOS 9 at the same time last year, iOS 9 was installed on 88 percent of devices. The fresh numbers were collected on 06 September 2017 by hits on the App Store.

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