iPhone and iPad Use as Display Device for Apple ARKit

When Apple announced on the WWDC its ARKit and thus the entry into Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality announced what the surprise great. But instead of bringing this technology only to the iPhone, iPad and the Mac, Apple could also include a new hardware category in the range: AR glasses like Google Glass. But Apple does not want to know anything.

In the face of Apple's investment in Augmented Reality, the idea is that AR glasses like Google Glass will soon be on the market. But you'll have to wait a little longer. Apple will first stay on the iPhone and iPad and use these as display devices.

This is what Greg Joswiak, Apple's product marketing manager, told The Australian. Plans for AR glasses or a head-mounted display like the Oculus Rift was not confirmed by Joswiak. It is, however, Apple's policy not to announce most of the products before, exceptions have recently been made.

ARKit is a "gigantic" possibility for Augmented Reality, Joswiak says euphorically. This is also due to the fact that with the iPhone and iPad there are one billion devices that are equipped for the technology. The ARKit belongs to iOS 11.

Already developers have shown with demos, what is possible with the interface. Apple is enthusiastic, according to the manager. Wherever the developments will lead, Apple does not know.

Powerful Technology

The technology requires a lot of computing power, which could be a problem with older iOS devices. In a recent statement on ARKit, Apple has now seen that only devices with an A9 or A10 chip are powerful enough to analyze the environment in real-time to present the augmented reality. Even the A8 chip would not be able to do so without any performance dips.

Due to this circumstance, only the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, the iPhone SE and the iPhone 7/7 Plus from ARKit will benefit. The iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6/6 Plus support most iPhone models with "iOS 11" compatibility, which is why Joswiak's statement that one billion devices are AR-kit-capable is probably something far-fetched.

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