орtісаl fingerprint ѕеnѕоr аnd fасіаl recognition іn iPhone 8

This autumn the iPhone 8 is to be presented. The experts are already in agreement. This should be a high-end smartphone at all corners and ends. This includes simple as well as fast loading options. Since the inductive charging is also considered safe, there is still disagreement about the lightning connection. Will it be soft for USB-C, or is the anniversary iPhone delivered with a lightning-on-USB-C cable, which could allow a quick charge?

The MacBook has been running on USB-C since 2015 and also the Pro-models were changed to the new standard last year. Therefore, of course, the question arises whether iOS devices will also be equipped with the new all-round standard in the future. With the iPhone 8 there could be a first step in this direction. According to the reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new Apple smartphone could be delivered with a USB-C charger. This would mean that the scope of delivery would also include a lightning-on-USB-C cable.

In line with this, Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis has also investigated a USB-C power adapter in the "iPhone 8" package, which is supposed to have a power of 10W, which would enable a much faster charging.

To achieve this, a new USB-C chip has also been integrated for energy management - in the power supply and in the iPhone. According to MacRumors, Curtis assumes that the chip will be delivered by Cypress Semiconductor and will also be used in the new iPad Pro. Also here it is already possible to use the quick charge function via the lightning-on-USB-C cable and the USB-C power supply.

At the moment, Apple is only adding a 5W power adapter to its smartphones, which also has a "slow" USB-A connector.

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