iPhone 8 pre-order from 15 September

All pre-buyers are flying high: Apple fans are waiting for the 12th September, when Apple will introduce the new iPhone 8 to the public and probably on an anniversary phone with OLED display. However, according to recent media reports, you and we will be able to pre-order the upcoming Apple smartphone as of September 15th. Apparently, employees of German mobile phone operators have puzzled themselves.

From September 15th: Pre-order iPhone 8

Next Tuesday (September 12, 7:00 pm German time), Apple invites you to the September Keynote after Cupertino. The event takes place on the grounds of the Apple Park at the Steve Jobs Theater. No other product is currently as hotly debated as the upcoming iPhone flagship. Whether this is now iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Edition, iPhone Edition, iPhone X Edition or whatever is hot, be set times. What is important is how this looks and what functions it offers.

We are looking forward to the keynote and ask ourselves for a few weeks, when the new iPhone 8 pre- orders. From sources with two German mobile phone providers, we have now been given to Apple that the offerer informed that the iPhone 8 reservation or pre-booking from 15 September will be possible. Therefore, the operators are already preparing intensively for the next Friday.

Then you will be able to pre-order not only with o2 and Vodafone the iPhone 8, but also with the Telekom. As always, the sooner you order, the sooner you will get your Apple smartphone. The actual sales start takes place seven days later on September 22nd. Then the first devices are delivered and the sales start also in the stores.


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