iPhone 8, AppleTV 4K and Apple Watch 3

iPhone 8, AppleTV 4K and Apple Watch 3 are sent to customers. Just last night, we reported that Apple is preparing to ship the new products, now we can report enforcement.

Good news for all early adopters who have placed an order for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch 3 and AppleTV 4K last week. Those who have pressed the order button at an early stage will get their equipment delivered on time on Friday.

According to Macrumors, several readers have reported that they have already received mail from their mail service providers that their goods have been sent by post. The individual products will be dispatched from different locations. This is how US readers report that their iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are being sent from Pennsylvania, while Apple Watch Series 3 and AppleTV 4K come directly from China.

Just a week ago it is now that Apple last week Tuesday, iPhone 8 (Plus), AppleTV 4K and Apple Watch 3 has unveiled. Three days later, the advance sale and the official sales start will be celebrated on Friday (September 22). Shortly after the start of the sales the delivery time of the individual devices already went up. Especially the iPhone 8 Plus 256GB, Apple Watch 3 LTE as well as AppleTV 4K 64GB are particularly in demand.

Now the first devices have been shipped, so that they will arrive on Friday at the end customer. From 27 October you can the pre-iPhone X.


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