The speculation about the next generation iPhone to go to the
next round. According to information from MacRumors Apple will supposedly fix a
frequently expressed criticism of the iPhone 6 (Plus) and iPhone 6s (Plus).
Accordingly, the rear camera is the future again flush with the housing and no
longer protrude. The website cites in its report to a reliable source in the
In addition, another change is planned in terms of housing
design. Accordingly, the antenna strip should disappear on the back and be
found only at the housing edges. The announcement of the new iPhone is expected
in September. In March an improved four-inch iPhone will be presented as a new
entry-level model.
Other new features of the next iPhone are the elimination of
the plug connector, a thinner and waterproof housing, a more powerful battery
and a two-lens rear camera for the Plus model, a wireless charging system, a
more powerful processor and integration of the Home button in the display in
the conversation. The latter would allow Apple, the smartphone to either reduce
or equip with larger displays. The functionality of the Home button to be
thanks to the 3D touch technology embedded directly into the display.

Which of the discussed innovations will succeed in the next
generation iPhone, remains to be seen. Especially when it comes to wireless
charging, eliminating the 3.5-millimeter jack plug and integration of the Home
button in the display there through the grapevine sometimes contradictory
information. For example, some experts reckon with an inductive charging system
until the year 2017.


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