Apple was already in 2010 ambitiously, that
smartphone to make thinner. Apple’s next iPhone will be so thin that the
company has decided to ditch the standard 3.5mm headphone port and a built-in
digital-to-analog converter for the first time since the iPhone’s 2007
inception, according to a report by Macotakarta the new generation will once
again be thinner - the iPhone 7 is supposedly one millimeter thinner.
iPhone 7 Probably Comes Without  Audio Jack

Although the current Geonation acts extremely
thin with 7.1 and 7.3 millimeters, Apple would like to put a plan. The jack for
the headphones is banned, as is the case with the Apple Watch, also this Apple
product does not have jack, the music will be heard via Bluetooth (wireless).
Alternatively, you could even listen to music over the Lightning connector.
There's even been a certification procedure of Apple headphones with Lightning
and of course there are already the first products, as an example, the Phillips

While most of the existing Bluetooth
headphones will just work on the iPhone 7, much like on any Bluetooth-enabled
iOS device, vendors of wired headphones could think twice before investing
money into development of Lightning-outfitted headphones. Because Lightning is
all digital and the standard 3.5mm audio port is analog only, headphone makers
will have to add an analog-to-digital converter to their existing products,
which might result in jacked-up prices.


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