The YouTube
Channel ConceptsiPhone concerned and published videos regularly - as the name
suggests - Concepts for iPhone generations the near future. Currently a concept
video has already generated over an ultra-thin iPhone 7 a week after the
publication of more than 90,000 clicks. In the video is no information about
possible dimensions of the concept iPhones have been made. Striking is
particularly - in addition to the ultra-thin form - the display, which occupies
the entire iPhone 7. In addition, it appears as if the Home button also no
longer mechanically but completely digital housed in the display.
iPhone 7 Concepts, Ultrathin New Generation of 3D Touch

When using the iPhone, the display would
reduced the upper and lower edge of the display back through virtual white
bars, likely to facilitate the operation, respectively to show on the bottom to
the virtual Home button. However, one could, as indicated in the video, use the
entire, enlarged screen in games on the iPhone, and thus achieve a new,
improved gaming experience on your smartphone.

As software the current iOS 9.1 version will
be displayed. Information on possible improvements to the 3D touch technology
or other hardware, such as an improved camera are not visible on the video.
An ultra-thin iPhone would certainly visually
inspire the masses. Against this concept see the current iPhone models like old
iron. Whether this concept is transferable to reality, is completely unclear. A
thinner iPhone 7 might also have to deal with problems in the field of battery.
A weaker battery is expected to Apple afford under any circumstances. Already,
this is the biggest flaw of the iPhone 6s.

This iPhone 7 concept shows what many, namely
a thinner iPhone and the maximum screen size, without the smartphone to
enlarge. Perhaps we are all surprised in September 2016.


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