IDC market researchers have revised their smartphone growth
forecast for this year down again. They expect this year only with a worldwide
sales increase of 9.8 percent to 1.43 billion units. When estimating in August
still a quantity increase of 10.4 per cent was expected in May, it was 11.3
percent. The experts explain the lowered forecast the weakening economy in China
and the increasing market saturation in many regions. For Apple, however, there
is good news.
IDC market researchers
According to IDC, the iPhone will reach a global market share
of 15.8 percent this year. In the previous forecast, it was only 15.6 percent.
Reason: the demand for falls according to IDC from stronger than expected.
Separately, the company continues to pursue its established in spring estimate
that Apple's market share will shrink in the coming years.
Until 2019, annual smartphone sales Plus will slow to 4.7
percent. For 2019, sales of 1.86 billion smartphones are expected. Nothing
going on the dominant position of Android change until 2019, analysts say. The
market share of Google's mobile operating system should be in this year at 81.2
percent, followed by iOS with 15.8 percent and Windows Phone with 2.2 percent.
For 2019, IDC expects Android market share of 82.6 percent, followed by iOS
with 14.1 percent and Windows Phone with 2.3 percent.
According to IDC, the markets with the greatest potential for
growth in terms of smartphone prices very sensitive (emerging and developing
countries) are. There have Apple with its premium products rather difficult to
generate strong retail gains, while manufacturers of Android-based devices with
prices of 200 dollars or points below could. For this reason, IDC does not
believe that Apple is going to win until 2019 market shares. Nevertheless, the
success story of the iPhone to proceed. IDC predicts that sales of Apple
smartphones will grow from 226 million units this year to 263 million units in
the year of 2019. It also welcomed the market researchers that Apple remains
committed to high profit margins instead of going solely on market share


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