The US Apple's next-generation 4.0 inches
"iPhone 6c" has reportedly appeared to adopted in February 2016
a metal housing.
This information can with what GforGames is
obtained from multiple sources of information, including Foxconn officials.
According to the reportedly is to have information, iPhone 6c is equipped with
a 4.0 inches display, is referred to as the metal of colorful body is adopted.
iPhone 6c, 4-inches and Metal Housing
In addition, "iPhone 5c"
fingerprint authentication function adoption has been postponed in the
"Touch ID" is, but we have the prospect to be mounted at 6c, to
reduce the price range to 400-500 US dollars for the latest features, such as
has been adopted in the "iPhone 6s series," "3D Touch" is I
have not been adopted.
Furthermore, in this information, iPhone 6c
will be announced in January 2016, it has to be released in February.


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