The new iPad Pro is bigger and faster than any other iPad -
but it's in the first test even better? We could try the new iPad from Apple
directly and supply you our first impressions and measurement results. The new
iPad Pro is almost the same size as the display of a normal notebook with a
diagonal of 12.9 inches. However, it weighs around 700 grams less than many
other laptops. In tablet environment, it is however unusually large and heavy.
If you use the tablet transversely, the diagonal is almost as big as the two
Airs iPad in portrait format. The display resolution is also equipped with
2,732 x 2,048 pixels higher than any other Tablet.  iPad Pro come to a brightness of approximately
400 candelas per square meter - a good value. The other measured values ​​are
solid, but stand out from other tablets with good displays from. But also
provides the iPad Pro plenty of power: 
Pad Pro Comparison with Apple’s Other iPads
The Apple A9X chip currently only comes
in XXL Tablet for use. Compared to the A9 chip in the iPhone 6S of the graphics
core is much more powerful. With 2.2 GHz and four gigabytes of memory it
reaches about 25 percent more power than the A9 and sits in our benchmarks from
virtually any other Tablet from. It achieved in Geekbench 3 (multi-core) almost
5,500 points. A MacBook comes compared with only 4,600 points.
The operating system is the latest iOS 9 for use. And
here Apple can exploit its strengths: The operating system is ideally adapted
to the hardware and performs on the first test, no weaknesses. It runs
smoothly, reacts quickly and jerky not even when multiple open apps. Compared
to Android competitors, Apple has still ahead - even when the projection melts.
The storage equipment starts unlike all iPhones and iPads in front at 32 GB,
also is a version with 128 GB will be available. 
At terminals will however
continue to provide only the Lightning port and not USB-C. Found at the top of
the display is the iPad per two extra speakers - especially when the films to
provide a richer stereo sound. Depending on how the iPad is held, the sound is
appropriately distributed to the speakers for alignment. Like the previous
iPads will give the iPad Pro with optional LTE modem also.
Apple offers the Apple Edit the first time a stylus as an
optional accessory, which will support the new Force-touch display with
pressure detection. This actually looks like a pencil. A pressure sensor in the
tip of the pen makes it possible to use the device as a real pen. Loading the
pen over a Lighting connector on the side where normally secured the eraser.
The special feature: Load After 15 seconds, the pen back to work flow for 30
Microsoft's Office apps will support the pin from launch - so can be
made ​​about PowerPoint drawings that are translated directly into clean forms.
The entries are stored in the document and can also be viewed on Windows
devices. Similarly, there is a new Keyboard Cover. This is clipped on the new
magnetic smart connector on the iPad page, are routed through the data and
power. The principle is known from Microsoft's Surface laptops. Currently, the
Pro undergoes yet our battery test. Only after that will show how it
proposes in daily use. So the question remains open whether the new A9X
processor shortens with its increased output battery life.


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