If you want to achieve a good ranking in Google, I
recommend to use the HTTPS protocol for online business that you manage. Security is the top priority for Google. Google invest large sums to ensure
that their services using industry leading security features, for example just
as strong HTTPS encryption by default. That means that people who use their
services, such as Search, Gmail, and Drive, can be securely connected to Google
Use of this pathway has many benefits, especially
regarding the security of your users or customers as well as data security. Nowadays, almost all the websites that
have online customer data is always useful to use this path. Try to see Internet banking, online
shop is great, as well as a large interactive discussion site. And interestingly, dated 6 August 2014, Google announced that the use of the HTTPS protocol lines have a
better ranking position in the SERP.
Determining Signal Rankings in Google
As a reference that
you believe the above statement, please visit the Google Online Security and  Google Webmaster Central official links from the article is very clear that
this protocol lines are very useful, not only for visitors, customers and the
owner in this case the position of the site in Google SERP.
Here are some tips to manage your online business:
  • Determine the type of certificate you need: a single
    certificate, multi-domain, or a wildcard
  • Use certified 2048-bit keys (2048-bit key cert)
  • Use relative URLs to resources that are in the same secure
  • Use the protocol relative URLs for all other domains
  • See article websites removal us for more detailed
    instructions on how to change the address of your website
  • Do not block HTTPS sites from the crawl using robots.txt
  • Allow indexing pages with search engine if possible.
    Avoid Noindex Meta tags.

If your online business website has been shown with HTTPS, you
can test the level of security and configuration at ssllabs.com


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