Blogger have a custom page feature to create a ‘Page’
menu but I want to add a label to pages menu, to designing a sub-blog with post
that have posted in a certain label. But, since blogger lunched, the native
widget does not include this option. It turns out this is not hard to add a
label into navigation menu but not in “Pages” widget. The “Pages” widget is a
small piece of code to create hyperlink of static pages created by you and add
them as a tab menu or a list menu inside your blogger blog header and left or
right side widget bar.
The modern blogger layout provides a feature to add a
label or external link to pages widget to create a custom header pages menu.
transform blogger blog label into a page
 Add Label URL in
Pages Widget:

Go to your Dashboard on Blogger
Click on >> Layout tab
3.     Click on
>> Add a Gadget
4.     Add >> Pages
5.     Click on
>> Add external link option.

6.   Now type the label name in Page title field
and label URL in Web                      Address field.


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