Sometimes you are getting an error “Bed Request Error
400” or “Internal Error 400” message on your Blogger blog whenever you are
trying to publish a blog post or preview your blog. Mostly this problem occurs
when you are trying to updates your blogger template code because some code
having broken redirect URL links that was clicked redirects to a URL with
mistakes in it or the URL of the blog was entered wrongly.
Bed Request Error 400 for blogger blog
Don’t worries about it, if you are unable to fix it
after undo all changes you have made in blogger template? When
using Blogger, your browser sends request message to access services but this couldn’t
recognize in server instead of the browser’s cache. Sometimes it could be occur
due to slow internet connection with the server that makes it incapable to
respond the request.

The simplest ways to revoke Blogger blog problems of
“Bad Request Error 404” is to logout from your account and clear all your
browser cache, cookies, browsing history. If you have CCleaner tool run it or
delete all temporary and prefetch files from your windows drive.


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