optimization way shaped the news portal which has a short duration of time,
such as: football news, jobs, property sites and others that have expired
posting. During this time you followed the development of seo for articles
without time duration. And this is actually fatal. Because the techniques are
very different. The principle of optimizing an article to achieve the best SERP
position is not as fast as turning the hand, especially if the optimized
section homepage, age of the site is clearly very influential. So how to
optimize a site of news, jobs, and others who have a shorter validity period?
with specific expiration can only be optimized on-page seo course. Useless if
you do link building, because of the effect of the fastest backlink two weeks
(if the site PR min 2), even if it takes a minimum of one month a new blog or which
PR is 0. And when the backlink effect began to be felt. When the article is not
valid or not anyone is looking for. This is why we often see in the Google
search if there are posts that no longer exist but the high position. The best
way for followers of Google trends, avoid backlink searching for the duration
of a short post such as news sphere, property or job sites.
best tips for those of you who want to optimize the short time duration of the
article include:
  • Make
    sure the targeted keyword is in the title. It is recommended not making
    excessive long tail keywords. If the targeted keyword phrase is two words, then
    you should manufacture the title consist of three words and keywords located in
    front of the shooting. If you want your writing was found with multiple
    keywords, the manufacture of the article do vary according to the target keyword.
  • At
    the news content should be short. The amount of maximum 250 words is enough.
    The important thing keyword density is quite high repetition and spread evenly.
    Making the news portal article ball or property and the job should be done to
    the point without rambling.
  • Thickening
    of the word may be made as long as one only on the targeted keywords.
  • If
    you want to quickly indexed, please find dofollow forums and social bookmarking
    dofollow to speed up the process. But the amount, a minimum try and link
    building intervals of at least one or two days per one backlink. Try to less
    than 5 backlinks to these postings.
  • In
    an update of at least 2 articles a day or more, relevant and support the main
    posts. And inter-linked article shall internal links.
  • Highly
    recommended you have a website or blog related articles widget (related post)
    so that the post you have many ways to be found. This is the main point.
  • If
    you have a long article that is already expired, such as news sphere or a job,
    you should create an internal link to a new post categories and tags. If you
    want safe and do not need to double the work, there should be a special
    category called the latest contents posting articles with duration of one month
    of age. If it has been more than a month (expired), it is advisable to move to
    another category. For this technique means that each make a post, should create
    internal links in each article that led to the latest category. So you do not
    need to change the content after the validity period is up (just move the
  • Do
    not forget to do the fetch as Google to update each new article (this super
above tips I have tried on several news blogs that I have and potent enough to
grab a visitor to the article short duration of time. Football, property and
the job portal is perfect this technique to attract visitors.


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