crawlers typically record images of all sizes yet keeping the document estimate
inside a certain breaking point will help your pages stack speedier. You can do
this by trimming any additional white space in the image and decreasing the
quantity of shades in the image (do this utilizing Photoshop). Verify the
aggregate size of the page is fewer than 100kb. You can utilize online
photograph resizing instruments like and or any
photograph proofreader of your decision.
How to optimize images for blogger blog post

images in the accompanying organizations – BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG and Webp
and insure that the image document name is graphic of the image content and not
a bland name, for example, DSC001457.jpg.

the off chance that you have critical content, assure it is not implanted in
the image itself. It must be kept in standard HTML indicate the height and
width of a image. This permits the program to know the measure of the image and
it guarantees that the space held for the image does not change when the page
is stacking. 


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