Now and then its befuddling on first look when you
begin blogging due to some comparative terms, for example, Category and Tag in
Wordpress, Label in Blogger ( Is it true that they are the same? But
a little deference among them, blogger labels not indexed but we can easily
create a sitemap for wordpress categories separately, so categories indexed and
crawled by webmaster easily.  
The reason for utilizing Category and Tag (Label) are
the same: to make a blogger less demanding to arrange the posts, and to make
guests simpler to program your site and access the posts.
How to optimize blogger blog labels

Marks in web journals are decisive words that order
your whole blog content. They are basic connections to your posts. Marks ought
to be for the most part focused around general and particular pivotal words and
ought to contain close to three words. Web crawlers particularly Google loathes
them! That is the reason incredible stress was made in our last SEO presents on
label all names as noindex, nofollow. Since Labels takes robots to an element
page along these lines the page gets confined by robots. By dynamic pages I
mean, pages where the substance continues overhauling.
Label/Tag are utilized to portray a post in more
particular terms, so you can include numerous Tags/ Labels to the post, which
will make an entire rundown of Tags/ Labels long. You can examine the long
rundown of Labels/ labels on this site from here.

Optimize your blog labels to indexed and crawled in
search engines:

1.     Go to your Blogger Dashboard
2.     Click on >> Template >>
3.     Click on Edit HTML.
4.     Search for the following HTML code:  <a expr:href=’data:label.url’
5.     Replace the above code with the below code
then save your template.

<a expr:href=’data:label.url’ rel=’tag’>


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