Why labels? Labels are grouping your similar blog post.
When you’re writing a post, list a label name to emphasis visitors what about
post content describe. When we written guest posting from other users than we
need to add a label name “Guest Posts” with an appropriate label to determine quantity
and quality of guest posts. After you publish your post, the labels will be
listed with it. Clicking any of the labels will navigate you to a label search page
containing only posts with that label.

hide specific label name from blog post

But we need to hide label name Guest Posts from post. It’s
not difficult to do this thing, just add some block of codes inside your
blogger template.
1.     Go to your
Dashboard on Blogger
2.     Click on
>> Template
3.     Click on
>> Edit HTML
4.     Search for <b:includable
id=’post’ var=’post’>

5.     Place the below code
above inside<b:includable
id=’post’ var=’post’></b> Tag.

cond=’data:blog.pageType != &quot;static_page&quot;’>

values=’data:post.labels’ var=’label’>
cond=’data:label.name != &quot;Guest Posts&quot;’>
expr:href=’data:label.url’ rel=’tag’>


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