Google Penguin Algorithm related about backlinks. During the backlinks that point to
your site occurs naturally and not because we are making or even we do not buy
(ads with links on other sites), then Google will penguin benign and do not
penalize our site. Many website owners and bloggers are confused how to deal
with changes in Google Penguin algorithm is considered fierce eradicate spammer’s
Google Penguin Algorithm to Get Proper Backlinks
Before we discuss how to
deal with the penguin "fierce" is, it helps us know in
advance. This algorithm is specifically eradicating related websites backlinks, both the receiver and the source link. Site specific
source, if thought to be the practice of buying and selling backlinks and link
automatically, so get ready for it "duel" with this penguin. So
you need to carefully put the link in the sidebar or footer.
How to Overcome
the Google Penguin Algorithm:
powerful tips to deal the algorithm are:
  • Avoid blogwalking backlinks by commenting. Besides not affect SEO and PR,
    this technique is not natural. Because who is the recipient of backlinks
    intentionally (unnatural).
  • Do not put links any on the sidebar of the
    homepage area if you are high PR sites (except nofollow). If there are ads
    on the blog, should be made nofollow. If you want DoFollow, make sure it's
    a bit of it and plugged in a long time, those who like to advertise on other
    people's blogs, this technique does not affect SEO. In fact, the position
    of your site will sag and become a "fine dining" by Google penguin.
  • Avoid submit an article on the social
    bookmarking without changing the title and contents. Most of bloggers habits
    to submit in Facebook without change the title and content of
    posts. Penguin will read that article you have submitted and that is in
    the exact same bookmarks, so impressed backlinks from social bookmarking has no
    positive effect. Google penguin algorithm will concern at the exact same
    article there is a link.
  • If you are diligent to comment on a forum
    site, you should not attach a signature. Installing the signature will
    create backlinks with the same anchor text. It is considered an indication
    of "link farm".
  • If you have a dummy blog, you should make an
    anchor text different for your business website. If for example you want
    to target the keyword "Auto Loan", then make the anchor text: cheap auto
    loan service, affordable interest loan service, simple auto loan, Auto loan prospecting
    etc. Variations anchor text will be "read" naturally by Google
    penguin. But if you simply dummy blog leads to your website just going to
    useless. It will be read unnatural, and Google knows that the dummy blog
    belongs to you and specifically to provide a backlink to your business website
  • Should do a balance between nofollow and dofollow backlinks and PageRank balance that leads to your
    site, as well as the balance between the backlinks that point to the homepage
    or to the article. Everything that shows great similarity will be highlighted by
    Google penguin. For example: If all backlinks to your site from PR 3 or
    above, it will read you hunt or buy backlinks. This action would be
    fatal. So backlink PR 0 is also important as a counterweight that seemed


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