Content scraping is
essentially the follow of taking content from another blog or website and
posting it on a blog you manage in its completeness. Typically this is often
through with attribution contained by a link back to the source, however in its
worst type it involves stealing entire posts while not giving credit to the source
the least bit. There’s typically no original content, and these blogs usually copied
posts from other sites or blogs randomly.
Mainly scrapers operate their blog by auto
posting from RSS feeds technics so they don’t take much time to edit content
from scraped posts. The other issue that has alleviated my concern slightly is
that I’ve found ways in which to make sure that in most cases my content
contains a link to the initial once it gets scraped. It merely involves adding
a blog link to content source within the footer of your RSS feed (this solely
applies if you publish full posts to your feed).
Blogger Blog RSS feed content scrapers
It is not uncommon to search out websites or
blog who republish RSS feeds of alternative blogs while not permission to
publish content or without a source credit link. Why they are doing this can be
anyone’s guess however as a content owner, this can be one thing to fret
regarding particularly after you publish full feeds. That’s as a result of once
duplicate copies of your articles exist elsewhere on the web, search engines crawler
could have bother sorting out verity content source.
What if Googlebot discovers the reprint
before weaving across your original article? So bloggers want to deal with such
content scrapers.
Just add a blog link to
your original article RSS feed. When Googlebot discovers this link, they’ll
instantly know the verity
content source, and who sightlessly
republish your content, will indirectly work towards improving your own blog search
Deal with Blogger Blog RSS Feed Content Scrapers:
  1. Go to your Dashboard on Blogger
  2. Click on >> Settings
  3. Click on >> Others
  4. Go to >> Site Feed Tab
  5. Click on >> Add in Post Feed Footer
  6. Edit and Place the below code in Post Feed Footer Box.

href=”Blog URL here”>Anchor Text or Blog Name</a>

This code will add
your blog link to the bottom of every post in the RSS feed. Check it out here.


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