Sitemap is only a rundown of available pages in your site. Sitemaps helps
internet searchers like Google, Yahoo and Bing to effortlessly slither pages in
your website which helps in better list. As a blogger you must make a sitemap
so at whatever point you make another post web search tools can creep and list
them effortlessly. In this post we should perceive how to make sitemap for
Blogger blog and submitting it to Google webmaster devices and in robots.txt.
How to create a XML sitemap for blogger blog
Blogger sitemap:
your blogger site will have sitemap, yet the issue with that sitemap is it just
demonstrates your late blog entries (illustration). An impeccable sitemap is
that it ought to contain the rundown of all you pages so that web crawlers know
the complete structure of your website. How about we perceive how to make
sitemap for Blogger blog.
to make sitemap for Blogger:
sitemap is extremely basic and this sitemap lives up to expectations for both
self-facilitated Blogger web journals and ordinary Blogger websites. Simply
utilize this
(atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500)next to your web
journals URL. See illustration underneath.

you have made sitemap for your Blogger blog, yet you have to educate web
indexes concerning your sitemap with the goal that bots can know your website
structure. There are two approaches to educate web indexes regarding your
1. Robots.txt file
2. Submitting Sitemap to GWT.


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