The iPhone is spinning? Apps load slowly or
even plunge unexpectedly? The virtual keyboard hooked? If you have problems
like this often helps a complete reboot of the device. However, this takes
time, with older models ever passes a minute and more.
But there is a trick, which is to resolve
such rucksack significantly faster by emptying the memory of the device. Of
this especially older devices will benefit. How it works:
How to Clean Your iPhone To Run Faster
  • Hold down the power button of the iPhone. You
    can find it at the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s on the right edge of the case, in
    older models the upper right corner. Hold down the button for about five
    seconds until the options "Off" or "Cancel" appear. Click
    any of the two. Release the power button.
  • Now hold down the home button below the
    display. After a few seconds the unit will return to the home screen.
  • To check whether emptying the memory (RAM)
    has been successful, press the Home button twice quickly. This will open the
    App Switcher, in which all characters previously launched applications are
    shown. In the preview screen, the apps will be displayed as usual. Normally,
    load the apps when they are tapped, then as you left them. Will they started
    instead new, the cleanup has worked.
We tested the trick on multiple iPhones with
the latest operating system iOS 9.1. Of course, he also works on iPads and the
iPod Touch.
So the trick is also handy should you overdo
it with the RAM not empty. Actually, Apple's iOS operating system very clever
when it comes to households with minimal resources. Thus, the devices need an
average of less memory than comparable Android smartphones to get the same
performance. The trick should therefore come sooner in an emergency for use
when the machine is spinning again.


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