In past few years Twitter has become an
incredibly social media tool for connecting with blog readers and growing a
faster following. It's a best platform for socializes, publicize and sometimes
just have little interesting things in 140 characters or less. As bloggers we spend
lot of time to post valuable articles and lot of effort to share blog post on
several social networking sites to drive more and more traffic on our blogs or
websites. There's nothing worse than putting in the work, then not having
anyone visit it. If you want to drive visitors, you've acquired to publicize blog
posts. Twitter is a vital tool in today's blogging era and if you're not using
it you should be a looser.

Auto tweets Blog Post on Twitter with Feedburner:

are an excellent way
to distribute their large and small post contents to a large number of people in an accessible format.
Feeds are permitted blog visitors to get regular updates via mail services as
well as tweets on their Twitter accounts. If the options you choose
create messages longer than 140 characters, FeedBurner will automatically
truncate your messages into 140 character tweets.

Among other things, Feedburner has a key feature to tweets to publicize all of
your new content with hash tags.

Setup Twitter account with Feedburner:
It’s not hard to setup a twitter account with Google
Feedburner just follows step by step and you can do it easily.
1. First of all login into your Feedburner Account.
2. Select the feed you'd like publicized.
3. Click on the Publicize tab in top menu.
4. Click on the Socialize tab
exist in left sidebar.
This will open a screen looks like this:
tweet Blogger blog posts with Feedburner
Now it's time to configure Twitter account with the feed
for automatic tweets. 

To add a Twitter Account click on Adda Twitter Account option - This will open a new window to Authorize
Google to use your account. Click on authorize app button, your account is added,
and then Feedburner does the rest. Now save you feed.


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