In blogger labels are the most useful
keywords or tags that you can add to pages, blog posts to arrange them. You can
create your own labels during bog posting and use them to categories posts,
identify or bookmark content in Confluence. Any blog
author with admin permission to edit a page can add new or existing labels to
it. All existing labels are appeared at the top-right side of the post
content page.
But If you’re
editing a post, and you want to add new label to selected posts, Can it is
possible in blogger?
For example, you could assign the label ‘Analytics’ to all
analytics-related posts on your blog. You can then browse all post with that
label in a single space and easy add assign new label to these posts.

How to Add a New Label to Multiple

Add a New Label to Multiple Posts
To add new label to selective
posts follow the steps.
Go to Blogger Dashboard
Click on All Post option
On the post page click on All Label list button
In the list select a Label
Name in which you want to add new label
This will filter all post
assigned to that label, now select all filtered posts
Then click on label icon shown in above the posts and
click on New Label option
You will see a new window,
add you label name and click ok button.

New label will be assigned
to your selected posts.


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