Herald Version 6.0.2, Developed by Erik Hinterbichler extension
notifies systemwide about new emails that were retrieved from Apple Mail for OS
X 10.11.2. New e-mails are displayed in a preview window with subject, sender
and complete content. In addition, buttons are available, to be with those
emails deleted or marked as read or as spam - these commands are automatically
forwarded to Apple Mail. The preview also allows to display emails in Apple
Mail or to open a response window.
Herald Version 6.0.2 Plugin form Apple Mail
“Herald is a plugin for Mail.app that goes
far beyond OS X's built in notifications.
Herald allows you to perform common actions
directly from within the notification window, including deleting, initiating
replies, or marking as read. And Herald's appearance is customizable, so you
can tailor it to your own taste.”
Herald Versions 6.0.2 runs only on OS X El


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