Google updates mobile pages
search and make it capable to 2G streaming. It shows 80% faster, lighter pages
to people searching on 2G speed or slow mobile connections in selected
countries. To do this, Google transcode web mobile search pages on the fly
into a highly optimized version Googleweblight for slow ISP, so that these pages load faster
while saving data and may take less than 0.05s to load a 10k pages. These
optimized pages preserve a majority of the relevant content and also provide a
link for visitors to original mobile view. Our experiments show that pages load
time optimized four times faster than the original view and use 80% fewer page
Googleweblight Faster and Lighter Mobile Page Search Update

To view a transcoded
version of a webpage on your mobile device, first you will be needed to search
site in Google search.
your mobile device, browse to the link
Some video sites, webpages
that require cookies are currently not transcoded, and other websites that are
technically challenging to transcode. In these condition, you will see a
“not transcoded” notification if you request the transcoded page.
Opting out of transcoding
If you do not want your mobile
pages to be transcoded, it easy to achieve with .htaccess set the HTTP header
“Cache-Control: no-transform” in your page response. In blogger just
add Meta tag <meta http-equiv=”Cache-control” content=” no-transform
“>. If Googlebot sees this tag in header, your page will not be
Basically, some mobile ISP
network was vandalizing our pages in transit, making edits to the JavaScript
which broke down view models. Adding a “Cache-Control: no-transform”
header to the page that was experiencing the problem fixed it, which is great. However,
we are concerned that as we do more client-side development using JavaScript MVP
techniques, we may see it again.
Please note that pages
that opt-out of being transcoded will be labeled in search results to indicate
to users that they may take longer to load and may use more data.


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