Earlier this year, the technology
sector was transferred in pure uproar when Google announced that the company
will change its search algorithm in the near future. Allegedly, the revised
version will completely differ in which search results appear from the existing
way and site we list it. With the release of the updates in April this year,
the decision Google of entrepreneurs and IT developers has been heavily
criticized, but with the months which are past since then, there is the real
question, whether the update has really generated profound changes the
Google's Mobile-Geddon: Has It Changed The Search Ranking?
And this question can be certainly
denied at first glance. ! At least in view of the outlined concerns by critics
in advance as the greatest winner of change Google’s regular on mobile sites
have given the new pages rankings certainly Pages as TV Tropes, Foreign
Affairs, Wired and Entertainment Tonight excelled while sites like Reddit ,
Song Lyrics, NBC Sports and Bloomberg Business unequivocally among the losers
of transition. How changes in search results can be determined on the basis of
this, were all those websites that have optimized versions for mobile devices,
enhanced clear and now appear at the top of the list of matching results.
Large, long and confusing websites that are optimized not at all for mobile
devices, however, lose significantly.
Of course, these results
demonstrate impressively that the waiver of the users of mobile devices to respond
brings perceptible negative impact. Bloomberg and NBC Sports will make himself
almost certainly still reproaches, only to have such slow to respond to the
development and boom of mobile devices. Now they are the flagships of the
possible consequences that can have it’s own time to be afterwards.
The optimization on mobile sites
makes today more than just sense, considering only the masses of people who own
smartphones and tablets. Nevertheless, Google’s new version of the search
algorithm applies only if the search is actually given by a mobile device in
order, it seems today hardly to give a good reason for companies to dispense with
mobile-optimized pages.

Webmasters who still are not quite
clear about whether the update has affected the valuation of own side can,
Google’s mobile friendly test use to determine the impact. Either way, it seems
as if the end of the world still is slow in coming!


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