The new login method is not widely
communicated, but seems to be part of a silent test. This is evident from the
fact that a Google user has gained access to the new feature, as discovered
Android Police based on a Reddit thread Rohit Paul. For the new method to log
into a compatible smartphone with Google needed screensavers recommends, though
the latter is not obligatory. Which smartphones are just right is unclear, but
the Nexus 6P Paul works anyway.
Google Test a Way Login to Account Without a Password

The system works by providing the user via
the smart phone access to the account on another device. For example, anyone
wants to log on to the laptop on the smartphone gets a prompt; thereby the user
to indicate that he or she actually wants to log on to the device, after which
no further action. The user is then automatically logged after confirmation on
the laptop, without having to need the password.
It is unclear whether Google wants to use the
system widespread. Probably the test should determine whether this way of
logging is suitable to bring out publicly. Because the Internet giant itself
has not released information is unclear how long the test will take.


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