Later this week, to the Google Pixel C go to the start, a
brand new Android tablet with a marshmallow on board. The pixel C is a hybrid
with keyboard and will probably cost around 500 euros. Now the tablet in the
benchmark has emerged and there is a new version of Android. As we have
expected, Android 6.0.1 will appear soon and accurately with this release, the
pixel C is obviously already equipped.
Google Pixel C with Android 6.0.1 Benchmark Spotted
Yet one cannot firmly say, but Android 6.0.1 would have the
OTA update for Nexus devices have that according to Google this week will be
released. In addition to bug fixes new emoji will be on board and secure a few
more small changes.
We would not be surprised if Tuesday is the market launch of
the pixels C and also Android 6.0.1 goes live. Will certainly be an interesting
week, until the New Year until something getting quieter.


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