Huawei builds the latest Nexus phone – and
the processing of the Chinese put even a gear compared to recent Huawei model,
the Mate S, top: The aluminum housing is solid and classy. Gaps and jiggling
buttons? None. The mobile phone is quite heavy at 181 grams, is thanks to good
balance but the better in your hand. For new Android-6 system, we come later,
but the price, we can anticipate at this point. Satte 649 euro calls on Google
for the smallest memory variant with 32 GB. Despite the high price even comes
with a headset. Who needs 64 GB, will pay 699 euros to pay the 128-gigabyte
version will cost 799 euros. So expensive a Nexus device has never been – so
good but also not.
Google Nexus 6P

Google Nexus 6P, Peak Performance

Huawei equips the Google Nexus 6P from the
8-core processor Snapdragon 810, fired the individual cores with a maximum of
2.0 GHz. The 64-bit system are 3 GB of RAM to the side. Along with the new
Android 6.0 Marshmallow puts the Nexus 6P a brisk dance on the dance floor, as
we really only know him from the Galaxy S6 models and iPhones. 
The entire
system reacts instantaneously, the voice input works without waiting, and Apps
start like wildfire. Which brand new features Android 6.0 brings with it, you
can read in our large Android-6 Test. By contrast, the fingerprint sensor
leaves a mixed impression: Although it makes sense placed and accelerate the
unlocking of mobile phones or Pay the Play Store immensely, but Huawei saves
the Nexus 6P many cool features that provides the scanner of Mate S.

Google Nexus 6P: Battery-Athlete Thanks Dark

The positive impression leads continued in
the battery test. The 3,450-mAh power cell seen so persistent that even
permanent callers could drop the ear: Satte 10 hours on the phone the Nexus 6P
in our test network. Surfing the Internet is an almost identical picture
emerges: only after above-average 9:40 hours the screen goes black. Something
can benefit the Google phone here by the comparatively low maximum brightness
of the 5.7-inch screens: With around 386 cd / m² the display normally, although
sufficiently bright, but more difficult to read in bright sunlight than an
iPhone 6s or Xperia Z5. 
Contrasts, white point and color space of OLED screens,
however, are great. The Focus also leaves nothing to be desired, because the
2,560 x 1,440 pixels provide on the 5.7-inch screen for 518 ppi. When charging
Quick Charge ensures short charging times – at least until the battery about
three-quarters full. Thereafter, the supercharging efficiency decreases. Google
indicates that 10 minutes Charging for 7 hours of battery life to worry.

Google Nexus 6P: Strong Knipse

On the back of the Nexus 6P snaps with
12.3-megapixel resolution, the front has an 8-megapixel cam. Especially the
images of the main camera like us in the test particularly well. The daylight
shot from the laboratory has a particularly high picture sharpness and forms
also details like the hair of the artificial head or the labeling of the pins
from still very sharp. The colors appear natural and not too strong. When
shooting under low lighting conditions, the sharpness decreases somewhat, but
overall is also here a good reception out. In complete darkness, the lighting
in any case is satisfactory – but we have brighter flash LEDs in the test had.
The camcorder delivers the highest quality clips with 4K resolution (3,820 x
2,160 pixels) and 30 frames per second. Thus, the focus works particularly fast
in all shooting modes, Huawei packs a laser autofocus with the Nexus 6P.

Making calls with the Google Nexus 6P

Finally, a few words about the basic
disciplines: phone calls left particularly on the mobile side a thoroughly good
impression. On the fixed network side here and there disturb the otherwise
clear line noise, the speakerphone is fine.

The exchange of data via the data network
works thanks to LTE Cat6 particularly quickly. When connecting to a PC you rely
on the USB to USB Type-C adapter cable, because the Nexus 6P comes with the
new, foolproof USB port, we, among other things from OnePlus 2 and the 12-inch
MacBook know.


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