Google is working stiffer
to organize the entire world's latest news and make it easy to accessible to
its readers, and it provides the best possible experience for those who are
looking for useful information and timely updates.
To meet these goals Google
stared Google News for blogger blogspot domain. It depends on the quality of the
sites content and fulfills certain guidelines in place to help Google maintain
fairness and consistency when determining which sites they include in Google
These are a handful of
important guidelines to review blog owner first before submitting your site to
Google News. So, Google encourage you to pay close attention to the News quality
guidelines section, they then describe some of the practices that can lead to
the site is completely removed from the Google News index, or otherwise affect
algorithmic or manual spam action if the site were related to the exchange of
spam action, you disappear of Google News results.

Apply Google News
Authorship For Blogspot

To get Google News
publisher authorship, you must have a six month old blog with frequent updating
of articles and covering news stories.
Visit Partner Dashboard Center
and login with your Google account user name and password.
It will list your blogs
that you have submitted to Google Webmaster Tools.
In front of your domain
URL you will see ‘Request Inclusion in Google News’ button of corresponding
blog that you wanted to apply for Google News.
This will bring you in
Google News publisher application form. Fill in the details of your blog
carefully and provide the appropriate news category URLs along with the proper
After done all above
process, select the blog category with categories that are describe to your
blog content.
Wait for 3-4 days Google
will be approve you blogspot blog for Google News authorship.


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