the mobilegeddon algorithm? Since April 21, 2015, Google released an algorithm
known as Google Mobilegeddon Algorithms for responsive design of website. This
algorithm is intended to encourage webmasters to make mobile web friendly. In
practice this mobilegeddon algorithms does not directly high doses, but there
are already some websites affected
Template Design According to Google Mobilegeddon Algorithm

the effect is not felt scary but it's worth every webmaster prepare its mobile
display more seriously. Currently LabLance still using standard mobile display
of blogger.com, because I have not had time to make a responsive version of
this template it may also affect my site search ranking.
for those of you who want to prepare templates or themes that are mobile
friendly you can follow some references below:
  • Avoid the use of substantial
    elements such as flash or scripts not good when used on mobile
  • Use the font size and
    style that is comfortable to read by mobile users
  • Make sure that all the
    content can be seen without having to scroll sideways (responsive design)
  • Set to navigation and
    links can be used well without overlapping in the view

you can create a design that is attached on top then it seems you will be quite
safe from this Mobilegeddon assessment algorithm. If you get a penalty from
mobilegeddon algorithm is characterized by a decrease in ratings; then you
should try to make your web fulfill the four conditions above in view mobile


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