In version 9.19 of Google Maps is a new mode called ‘Auto
Mode’ is added. This navigation feature is able to guess where the user is
going based on the current location and previous destinations. Thereafter, the
application traffic on the route will take the user presumably. The app also
gives an estimated time of arrival duration.
Track User Destinations and Arrival Time

The new mode can be activated in the options menu, but does
not seem to appear before everyone, says Android Police. It is an option that
may appear in Version 9.19 under the navigation settings. Also, there is the
possibility to set the mode to display a single icon on the home screen.
In addition, the update adds the old sound button again to
the navigation screen, so that the voice input and can be disabled or only the
most important information. In addition, the timeline has been given a setting
screen, among other things with which it is possible to delete location
information and to indicate whether or not Google may use the user’s web
activity for the timeline.


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